Thursday, April 23, 2009

The latest...

So, Ive been putting off blogging... :( sorry. I just dont feel inspired to write and try to sound interesting. So here is my latest attempt at sounding interesting and witty, whether or not I ever am is beside the point.

So the last trip we took was to Luoyang to see the Peony Festival. The peony is China's National Flower. Pretty cool flower if I might say. I remember having a bush in our yard when we lived on Victoria street. Seeing all the different colors was so cool. I thought they were only pink, but they come in tons of colors.

The next day we went to the Longmen Grottos, which were pretty cool except that it was raining all day! Got a few pics of the sea of umbrellas. it was a constant battle of speed and strategy not to get poked in the eye and bumped into/splashed on. Fun day! It actually was refreshing to have some rain finally.

That night we went to have Hot Pot and there was a guy flinging noodles. Its allways fun to watch noodle flinging.

Okay not the best video, but he flings them from a mound of dough, its pretty cool!

Thats all for now. Maybe more in a few weeks. :)