Monday, June 18, 2012

Photography Favorites by Amy Kaehr

Back in college, a few of my friends inspired me to see the beauty and creativity in photography. I began with nature shots. Later, I got into different color schemes and city scenes. Here are some of my best ones yet (that is from my perspective:)

Sunset - Potato Creek State Park

Hammond Indiana, where my brother and I bird watched. This was like a nature funnel where the migratory birds could rest. 

Beutter Park, Mishawaka, Indiana- Fall 2010

Potato Creek State Park - along trail 2. 

Japanese Gardens, Mishawaka, Indiana

Northern California - Sierra Foothills

Potato Creek State Park

Spring 2011... ornamental trees in bloom
along Mishawaka Ave.

Various Winters...

Lake Erie, Crane Creek State Park - Famous for boardwalk for birders.

City Scenes, Downtown South Bend
- Morris Performing Arts

Xinzheng, Henan - China 

Wintery Sunset

Miami, Florida 

The waters outside of Havana, Cuba

 A cloudy afternoon on Miami Beach

On the port of Cozumel, Mexico