Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Beginnings

Hi everyone!
Well I am just about ready to go. All thats left is packing, packing and ... packing. It seemed so easy but now its a matter of taking only what I desperately need. Thats where the adventure begins I guess!

I will be posting some updates on this blog while I am overseas so you can keep up with my progress!

Amy Kaehr

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, Amy, we will be posting comments as time goes on. Good luck to you as you take your hike for a year to China. You will be greatly missed - just the way you always pop in and we just talk is going to be missed. I know leaving a comment does not mean a letter so I will also need your E-mail address. Luv ya and just have a great time. Grandpa and Grandma K.