Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conquering Teaching.

There is a group of students needing to take Oral English before classes started, so we were volunteered to teach one class a week. We taught our first lessons on Wednesday and Thursday, it wasn't bad. I felt very comfortable once things were started. I was surprised at how well the time was managed and how the students responded. Their attitudes about school are much different from what we've experienced in the US. Students in the US typically don't like school and try to just get through it (that is my experience at least). These students enjoy school and are eager to learn English to further themselves in the world. I was really dreading lesson planing but once I started I got really excited and hopeful. I have never taught for longer than 30 minutes in front of a class or to college aged students. It was a good experience. The plan was to start classes later on but this was a surprise, however difficult it was to transition, it was a valuable experience. I feel like I can do anything now that I have conquered my first class. There may be bumps along the way but with any new thing I do there are stages. I am very excited about the first day of class and I am thinking more positively about my skills and the actual breakdown of lessons.

But as far as Chinese lessons are going, its getting more difficult. It would't be as bad if I would study the material but with teaching and lesson planning for next week I have found myself giving lesson planning more precedence, which is how it should be. I really need to follow up on the learning more of the language through out the year. However, one bad thing is that now that I am learning to speak another language, my English is failing! And I have to teach this? I find myself getting tongue tied a lot, maybe because I'm tired or just because there is so much new information coming in!

Sorry there is nothing really fun to read about, its been a week of planning, teaching and Chinese! There will be more from the weekend, we are planning to go to one of the big stores to buy some imported foods. So you all can look forward to that!

That's all for now!



Ruth O said...

Amy, I'm so proud of you! It's all down hill from here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy: Good to read about what is going on in your life. Sounds very interestesting. Seems so strange not to see you at least once a week. I am happy that things seem to be going well and that you are not overwhelmed with everything. Priorities first and then do what you can. Saw a lot of the campus on Matt's blog. Beautiful campus. Luv ya - Grandpa and Grandma Kaehr

Blessed By Four said...

that's great you have eager learners. I'm not sure I could get on a motorbike either but you should learn to ride one while there!

Amy J said...

wow Amy! that is so cool- you are far braver that you give yourself credit for...I think teaching is a bit scary :) I love reading about your adventures....and I'm very glad you found cheese. Imagine a whole year without it...I'd cry!