Sunday, October 12, 2008

Midterms and Raw milk....

So after our wonderful but busy trip to Xi'an we returned back to grind stone of teaching. This week we are preparing our students for the midterm. Basically the exam is done with partners and its all oral. The students have to designate who begins and ends the conversation and discuss a picture for at least 2 minutes. I saw a couple of overwhelmed looks on some faces this morning in my first class, but with practice I think they will do fine. They are a great class. Now for my others we will have to do some revamping. I basically have three different levels of students. So what made perfect sense to one class may not register with the other class. But I am hopeful and confident they will do as well as possible. Its all about practice... practice makes perfect... I tell them. :) I always hated when my teachers said that but its true.

I have really enjoyed this job. The aspect of teaching something I am fluent in is an amazing feeling. I never thought teaching English would be so satisfying. See, I knew I was a good teacher, I just needed to find the right avenue to express it. Actually, my favorite part is talking and explaining things. hehe. Some of you know that I enjoy talking, only a little right? :)

Now, on to the raw milk...some of you may be asking, "what does raw milk have to do with midterms?" NOTHING! I just got some today and thought I'd add it to my thoughts :D
So one of the local women married a foreign teacher from a couple of years ago. They are living and teaching here and the woman's family has a farm. After the milk scare they put up an article about raw milk offering bottles of whole or low fat milk. So I signed up for one bottle of each to be delivered to my door every Monday morning. I have never had raw or whole milk before, just cream in my coffee... wow is it thick! It has a good flavor too but I will be drinking it in tea, coffee and hot cocoa.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were trying to find vanilla extract. We looked online for some recipes and found a rather interesting fact. First you have to buy Get three vanilla bean pods, cut them open longways and soak them in 16 oz of vodka...yes vodka. We were shocked! I have never heard that before. So the idea is to let is "brew" in a dark place for three weeks and then strain out the liquid. It has to be kept in glass bottle overtime. So after that discovery we decided to look on China's online market. I think its called Tao Bao... no idea on spelling or pronunciation, that's really a wild guess. So we were able to find two small bottles for about 6Y. So, continuing with my story about raw milk... Earlier last month I bought a milk tea mix and found it was very bitter and had a bad flavor so I put in a little sugar, vanilla and raw milk. MMMMMM is it GOOD! This is the best stuff ever! I am going to be hooked on milk tea forever!

So now that my crazy and unrelated story is done, I leave the floor open for comments.

Disclaimmer: don't try making vanilla at home, it might get the better of you!


mom said...

Mmmm I can only imagine what that whole milk tastes like! So if it's raw, I wonder how they get the low fat version? Enjoy your tea.

Alberta said...

So I guess I can't send you any vanilla now that we know the alcohol content! Your week puts a whole new twist on test anxiety.

Anonymous said...

You are right Amy - I will not be making any vanilla from scratch - Guess in your country you can try anything. I did not realize that you drank so much milk that you would have it delivered everyday. Probably you and your friends have milk tea together and you use it up that way. I tell you, girl, you are going to be spoiled for any other kind of a job when you get home. You are loving every minute you are there. It is a chance of a lifetime. ENJOY. Luv ya and miss ya. Grandma