Sunday, November 16, 2008


So this is a lesson I have been learning... no matter the circumstances in life it is impossible for anyone to be completely certain of their future. How can a person know?... it says in a book we all love (ecc) that man cannot know anything about his future. As I am learning to hear fathers voice more clearly in my life I am learning many principles as well. One of these principles is that father is not in the past (so we can't live in the past) and he is not in the future (so we cannot live in future or what I like to call "fantasy land"). He is in the present. That is something I am learning. He wants us to live in the present and wait for his ble55ing$ to come so he can prove his f@!thfulne$$. I am so adamant about "knowing" my next step to the point that it is all I can think about at times. I am learning to lean on him and put my trust in his plan. I cannot control anything if I want to be in his will. His words to me right now are "rest". That is difficult when there seems to be a lot happening at home and in the lives of those I love. The main thing to remember is that father is s0v#re!gn but he is also good. He will give me his best and I will not be dissatisfied with the results. because he watches out for us and gives us the desires of our hearts...that is, when we delight in him!) I think that this may be a common thing that many humans (and many f0ll0wers at that) struggle with. So I am sure I am not alone on this.

Another area I am learning to work in is the area of doubt and unbeli#f. I read recently that this is one of the most judged $!ns that a f0llower can commit. It is so easy to doubt and not trust what has been spoken or impressed upon in my inner most part. However, having the discernment to hear accurately is an acquired skill that needs much practice. So as I am on this journey with father, I am learning many new things and I am sure that I will continue learning many more no matter where I am in life. That is what life is about... trusting. walking with father and remaining teachable. It is difficult at times but when we let go and pick up his yolk and his burden, it becomes much lighter to bear.

be s#nsat!ve with your w()rd$ in c()mm#nts! :)

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