Friday, September 23, 2011

Eggplant: Attempt No... I stopped counting.

Well, I looked up several recipes for the eggplant previously mentioned in my last post and they worked, but much to my own disappointment, I don't think I really care for the taste and texture all that much. I believe there is another way to make it taste good, but I am still figuring that out.
The first recipe was Parmesan eggplant, supposed to be like a chicken Parmesan.... it wasn't good. The second recipe was stir fried eggplant with pasta and cheese with some chopped veggies... that was worse! Each time I have attempted at making eggplant, my mom has been very informative of how bad it is... she proved it to me, but the funny thing is, she now likes it better than she did as a child growing up on a farm. It's funny to me how one person's taste can be so different as a child and once something is made a different way, it can taste like something you've never had before!

Here's to discovering my likes and dislikes... and here's to trying once again.

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