Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Candy

 Valentine's day Candy... Fun new designs! 

So this Valentine's Day, I made 429 dipped chocolate and white chocolate pretzels. 

My small group at church had it on our hearts to put on a banquet for the residents and staff at Hope Ministries in downtown South Bend. After booking our hall and catering service, not letting cost be a hindrance, there was a collection of way over what we needed from the church in one service. Talk about God making His will done! 

So, my job was to make candies for all the people. At Christmas time, I see it as a joy to make candy for those I love and care about, but this candy making experience topped them all. It was a joyful time of making pretzels; decorating them in different colors and designs... I loved it... The actual banquet was amazing. God truly showed up and worked in us in all the right ways. 

This goes down as the best Valentine's Day in my book...

Nerds and Sweet Tarts are fun and yummy to dip!

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