Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2: Discovering Naivasha

We had a later start to the day with a full breakfast and team meeting. We got our assignments and schedule for the week. We first toured the property where we saw the work site of the community center we were going to help build. In Kenya, a construction worker is called “foondie”

The Team with the Foondies

So, we met the foondies and discussed possible ways to build the center. There was a small plot of land and the trench had been dug for the foundation. The guys were to work on the foundation during the week and the girls had other projects to work on.

In our muck boots before a muddy tour

We were able to see the garden the family kept. The grew cabbage, coffee, carrots, and spinach among other things. They have been on the property for around 6 years and it has grown into a lush and beautiful space.

 In the afternoon, the men went to work digging and mixing concrete. The ladies went to House of Hope, a home for many orphans who are cared for by 4 women. We met with the women and shared some encouragement with them. Kenyan women are valued and identified by their first born child. Let's say your first born is named Elizabeth, then your name would be Mama Elizabeth. Having children and being called “Mama” is a great honor in Kenya. However, there are a lot of women who are single with children.

Later after the kids were out of classes, we got to meet some of them and see their bedrooms. They were more like dorms for kids. These children were so joyful and at peace. There were a blessing to meet. After we finished our time at House of Hope, we went back to have dinner. We all slept well that night. The lack a sleep was starting to wear us down.

Random Nature Pic of the Day: 

Navaisha, Rift Valley

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