Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Riding Bikes Downtown.

So today a bunch of us rented some bikes from outside the university's gate and rode to the large grocery store down town. One thing I have to say about traffic in China is that people will make a path for themselves wherever. There are guards and traffic watch people through out who do a very good job monitoring traffic but the cars, bikes and motorized scooters pretty much have free reign. The other day when we were walking around downtown there was what is called a walking street where people can walk as long as they move out of the way for buses and taxis. It was a fun experience to ride amongst the traffic and almost get hit twice! :) But I haven't seen any accidents even after all the acrobatics...

Later on after dinner all of us went to a place that is known for its caramelized bananas and there are apples and sweet potatoes. We just had the fruit though. The trick is that the second you get the plate on the table you and the group have to take each fried piece and dip it in a bowl of water so they will separate other wise you have a heap of caramel that won't budge. All in all they were delicious and it was a fun experience.

Tomorrow we are going for physicals, that will be fun!

More later!


Blessed By Four said...

I"m having a blast reading your blog! Keep the posts coming!

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Amy: Was good to read your blog. Sounds so much like you are experiencing new things and enjoying it. The carmel things sound so good. I really cherish the blog because it is and easy way of writing and everyone knows what is going on. I will get used to you being gone a little easier that way. Luv ya much - Grandma K.

Amy J. said...

that does sound a little crazy! I'm glad that you are having a great time....how are things with the other team members? Is everyone getting along ok? And how's your Chinese :) Ni Hao Amy :)