Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chinese Carnival

So yesterday was a really fun day. A couple of us went to the nearby park where one side is filled with beautiful pathways and trees and the other side is a carnival with go carts, kiddie roller coasters and more. So I was feeling adventurous and I tried out the zip line. I "zip lined" across a swampy pond - ish area of lotus which was really pretty! It was a lot of fun, especially trying to guess what they were trying to tell me to help me land and take off properly. Its a guessing game every time I leave the school gates. We have our own little America within the hall and I love it but its also really fun and amusing to attempt to get around on what little knowledge I have! So I drove a go cart, a bumper car that shot foam balls. The men working the ride were so funny, as we were driving around they were running around picking up our ammo and handing them to us as we refilled our guns! It was histerical! The roller coaster was interesting, I didn't try it but others did and I got some pretty good footage of them enjoying it. Some one said it was a pedal coaster? I don't know for sure but I may try it again sometime. I did not get a chance to go insided the hamster ball, that is still on my to do list of fun things. We've had a couple of fun days with not a lot to do. Other teachers are getting training that we have already had so I've had two days off. So today I am off to the pool with another teacher, hopefully I can keep this up for some kind of good excersize!
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