Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Moments

Ten of my favorite things I did in South East Asia:

10. Visited Hong Kong (Yay for western food- boo for the prices)

9. Watched the sun set on a beach in Krabi (which was also my first time swimming in salt water)

8. Rode elephants in Phuket and Chiang Mai

7. Went snorkeling on five different islands ( I saw Nemo!)

6. Went bungee jumping off a crane looking structure

5. Got to see my cousin and his family in Laos. (got to play with the boys! so cute!)

4. Went rafting on a bamboo raft on a river in Chiang Mai. (no picture yet... getting it scanned)

3. Hiked for three hours in a wooded area and ate lunch by a waterfall in Chiang Mai (pictures are to come)

2. Crawled inside a "hamster ball" on a river... (picture explains all!)

1. Went birdwatching in Thailand (got to see a couple good birds! One of which I only heard...drove me nuts!)

So I hope you have enjoyed this top ten list...There's more but this is all I can fit!

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Amy J said...

wow aimes! I love those pictures. everything is so beautiful. It seems like you are trying out everything you can, which is AWESOME! Can't wait to see more pics