Friday, February 27, 2009

To the start of a new semester

The semester has just begun and I am already having very positive feelings about it. Its such a different feeling than last semester, first time teaching and all. I feel experienced and stronger. I am even less nervous in classes! My students even noticed; in their evaluations they said I need to be less nervous, and just relax. So I took that into consideration. I really do get nervous easily. I feel their expectations of me are higher than I offer them. As I was talking to G0 d about this he said that this my season to be a teacher, so I took that as a little more strength for the journey. I feel as if I know my students better and they see me as a friend, at least most of them do. A good thing happened with my PE classes, instead of being in the afternoon they are all in the morning, when I am at my best. I even feel more confident with them too. They seem to have a bit more of an ego, that is normal here.

I have been able to keep my schedule pretty free. I am still busy but I only have class four days a week and lots of free time on the weekends... So if I feel the itch for any more big adventures I have the freedom to do so. I don't really foresee much more travel, its just nice to think!

The weather here has been getting colder by the day. Its supposed to be turning into spring soon and it snowed for two days and rained for one. That cold wet is never very pleasant. The town still seems pretty dead with not much to do. Its kind of like South Bend! Once I've been somewhere for a while it seems to lose its flair and newness. However, its really nice to be able to feel more balanced in life.

Life here in Peter Hall always proves to be interesting. Its so good to be back around the other teachers again. I missed them over break. Everyone here brings a different side to the table. Its a great dynamic we have going on here. Its going to be a fun semester. There are so many document-able things that go on around here, if I think of it I will post one.

We had a staff meeting the other day, telling us dates and important events. The tentative date for leave will be June 11th. So sometime in June, whenever my flight is booked I will be home! Cant wait! I miss everyone a ton and Im curious of how we are all responding to the new leadership in our country. Should be interesting to experience!

Love you all!

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