Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cake Bucket

We finally did the cake bucket! Let me explain... one of the guys here, his name is Shea... he makes these ridiculously awesome cakes. He interned at a bakery and picked up the skills quickly. He is our resident cake maker... So, when he gets the cake ready to stack into to tiers and decorate he always has the extra scraps. So this is how the story goes. Last year, he made a wedding cake and he had lots of cake scraps. One of the girls was jealous that he didn't share his scraps with her. My details may be wrong but she likes cake scraps from a bucket. So Shea gets a bucket, ties a rope to the handle and lowers it to her window from the roof. and she opens her window to receive the yummy scraps of scrumptious cake. So, yesterday he said to me that their were cake scraps left over from the last cake he made and offered me some. So I suggested he do the cake bucket. I am glad to say that I have gotten the sacred cake bucket... It was really fun. There's a video from last year they took... I'll have to load it later. But here are some pictures from the night of the cake bucket.

The cake bucket being received at the window

Becca retrieving the cake

Me eating the awesome cake.

Another little add on...He added this mixture of peanut butter and chocolate to the middle layers of the cake instead of frosting... It made it super moist. The idea for the mixture came up one day at dinner... We are always trying to be more creative with desserts here, seemingly there are not good ones. So we had bananas and I went to get some peanut butter and chocolate, then I mixed the two together and it made a frosting like goo. It was really good. Shea tried it and is now using it in his cakes and cupcakes! :) Two creative minds working together... makes really good cakes.

This is what I categorize as some of the crazy-documentable things that go on here in Peter Hall. Hope you enjoyed a peak into my fun little world this year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy: Sure did enjoy the last few posts. The tree are beautiful but I do not know what some of them were. David, Heidi and Jaedyn left for home right after we had lunch at Honker's. You never know what you are getting when you buy things in a box in China right? What fun to find out. I am really ready for a little nap. U. Bob enjoyed your E-mails and he had a neat 50th birthday party. Luv ya much and it will not be long until we see you in person. Grandma Kaehr

m.ann120 said...

Made it thru the most recent pics and video. I love the CAKE Bucket - Yumm... The food at the Farmers Village looked excellent! The bungee jumpin Hmmmm...... You're adventurous in my book! The spring blooms are beautiful. Your travels were amazing. Did you tickle Nemo when you saw him under water?. My absolute favorite was the Hamster Ball on the water. What Fun - now I think I could have done that. Glad to get caught up on all that's happening with you. See you in less than one month - Can't wait. Much Love Aunt Martha