Friday, March 27, 2009

Disappointing Snacks...:(

One day I was at the bakery and was hoping to find something comparable to chocolate cake... Well I saw a box that said "Chocolate Cake" on it. I was happy so I bought it. I failed to look closer in the box (my first mistake). When I got home I opened the box anticipating this glorious (or as glorious as it can get for Chinese cake) chocolate cake.... and this is what I found:

You can understand my utter disappointment. The cookies were thin, hard and filled with some kind of seed that made my mouth react like it does to walnuts... YUCK.

After I had recovered from my saddening experience, a few weeks later I go with a friend to another bakery on campus. There they have much more comparable sweets to what I am used to. I decided to pick up a small package of donuts... I didn't see the label on the box until after I took the first bite.

They look harmless enough but the package says : "Dry Snacks"

They tasted like month old donuts that had weird flavoring...Note to self: Never buy sweets in China and expect anything what I am used to!

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