Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring at SIAS

Spring here has been very beautiful but still pretty chilly. We had a couple of nice days (most of which I was sick!) But this last week it was back in the 40's. :( But I got a few pictures of the blossoming trees before they were all gone, I always seem to miss them at home, usually due to the season at work, all the teachers understand...and working here part time really pays for the spring time!

Some of the trees in bloom around campus are peach blossoms and pomegranate trees. I dont know about the rest, but they are beautiful.

Funny thing, the word for pomegranate in Chinese is "shi liu" (sure leo) which is also the same word (but different character) for the number 16. I found that they were pomegranate trees because a friend and I went downtown and she bought a small tree/shrub... she guessed it might be a pomegranate tree and when we were walking back, some of the ladies that do gardening at the school all said "shi liu". I asked as I pointed to the tree... they responded with "dui" which means yes/right. So it was a fun day figuring out trees and succeeding at Chinese!

Like I said, I dont have a clue what these are so if you have any ideas, feel free to post them!

I am wanting to make a few videos of a virtual tour for you all to see... Maybe they will be done by the next month or so!

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Alberta said...

Dad says some of this looks like quince and magnolia (white and pink)